Helping frontline workers find shifts and get paid on-demand at a critical time for the NHS

Locum’s Nest and Earnd join to help doctors find and book locum shifts and get paid for them on-demand, saving the NHS agency fees and charges.

When they finished their long hospital shifts, Locum’s Nest co-founders and NHS doctors Dr Ahmed Shahrabani and Dr Nicholas Andreou would go through the motion of having to find someone to sign their timesheet late at night.

Once the timesheet was signed, they would slide it under a manager’s door, hoping a cleaner wouldn’t mistake it as trash and throw it in the waste basket instead. It was an old-fashioned and “exhausting” process, they said.

Thanks to an Earnd and Locum’s Nest partnership, these hassles no longer exist. Now, doctors can upload a digital timesheet in about 60 seconds and get paid for their shift one day later, instead of waiting up to 60 days for payment.

Locum’s Nest’s award-winning cloud-based platform connects clinical staff to temporary work in health care organisations. Earnd is an app that enables employees access to their pay as they earn it — on demand and for free.

Helping health care workers book shifts and get paid on-demand, could save the NHS a significant amount in locum cover. This would free up funds at a critical moment in Britain’s hard-pressed health service’s 70 year history.

Even before Covid-19 struck, the NHS was short of 10,000 doctors. Now, 114,000 healthcare workers can find work, book shifts and get paid instantly.

They can search for shifts by location, grade and specialism and book up to six months in advanced, knowing they will be paid instantly with no costs or fees.

Across the NHS, the number of shifts filled by locums has increased from an average of 24% to up to 95%. This can dramatically reduce the amount the NHS needs to pay in agency fees to find locum cover.

Earnd’s app allows users to build their budget around their life instead of their pay day and provides shift workers the option to access pay for extra shifts.

The Earnd app is being rolled out to workers across a number of NHS Trusts, giving more people the option to access their pay early or when they need it.

Earnd CEO and co-founder Josh Vernon says, “Making earnings available on demand gives employees greater control over their finances as they can align their pay with expenses. This reduces stress, making it easier for people to focus at work.”

We give employees access to their pay as they earn it, so they are in control of their finances every single day.